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Girl on Girl // Charlotte Jansen Talk

26 October 2017
I attended the talk Charlotte Jansen did on her new publication Girl on Girl: Art and photography in the age of the Female Gaze. She talked through some of the many artists included within the book along with some further insights into her opinion and research on the topic. I found an interest in the Male Gaze through research and an essay last year so this was a great introduction into the evolving 'Female Gaze' within photography and female photographers. Throughout the talk Charlotte brought up some very interesting points and her opinion on the subject matter which I could also take away and think about. She made a point of the spaces images will be placed and how this can effect the way they are interpreted, for example how work presented on a digital platform can be interpreted differently to the same work being presented on the gallery wall for example...  This is something I can consider within my own practice now and within the future and how I can present it in a way that helps it to be interpreted the way I want it to and to its full potential. Although my current work isn't relevant to the female gaze in particular, it did allow me to think of my previous projects such as The Body which I produced last year and it will also allow me to think how I can approach similar projects in the future. Generally, it was a great insight into the Female Gaze and the upcoming rise of a collection of great female photographers. A great book, celebrating female photographers, that is an essential on anyones bookshelf!

Below are a selected few quotes that I took from the presentation:

Interim Exhibition // 1

15 October 2017
This week we had our first interim exhibition for 1 image from the start of our projects. I produced this A2 print from my series in which I've started exploring my Grandma through object, place and the archive. I got some feedback into areas of improvement and what to do next and it was also useful listening to the feedback that was given to others as this may also inform development within my own project.