Impressions Gallery // Exhibition Help

22 June 2019

This week saw the end of the 'Africa State of Mind' exhibition at Impressions. As a member of the New Focus group there, I got the opportunity to help with the taking down of the exhibition. I haven't done anything like this since my Graduate Show last year so was great being back in a gallery space. 

We started the week by taking the work down. The exhibition is touring so we had to wrap it all up ready to be sent away to the next gallery. The next few days was spent prepping the gallery with paint, moving temporary walls and cleaning it ready for the delivery of the next show. Unfortunately, I wasn't there for this as I kept some space in the week to focus on Uni work as deadlines are slowly approaching. 

However, I was back to the Gallery on Friday which was installation day. Today, we finished off the last of the painting. Since the last exhibition had different colours on a few walls, these had to be repainted white, and also we added in a black wall as you walk in the gallery. 

Then we unwrapped the new exhibition which was very exciting to physically see the work. Once unwrapped, the artworks were placed up against the wall so that we could see the layout and if anything needed to be moved around before putting it on the wall. 

Impressions have a little book shop so since it was the end of my time helping out (and they had a little sale) I had a look. An hour later after browsing all the books, I left with two. I bought my all time favourite book by Julian Germain which I have be wanting for a long time. And also picked up 'Colorblind Sands' by Sebastien Reuze which originally caught my eye by the bright yellow cover, however after having a look, its such an interesting series of images. 

The exhibition is open from 28th June. Mandy Barker presents her work 'Our Plastic Ocean' which addresses the global crisis of marine plastic pollution. Read more about the exhibition here.  

Gif Experiments - Digital Media Processes

5 May 2019

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 1 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 2 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 3 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 4 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 5 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 6 . [Gif]

Gott, D. (2019). Gif 7 . [Gif]

Shooting with the Sony A7

24 April 2019
So this week, I borrowed the Sony A7iii from University and instantly loved it. After a spontaneous photoshoot with my dogs, I've got a beautiful collection of images and a new camera on my wish list.
This will definitely be a camera that I will be using going into my final major project as part of the Masters I'm currently doing.

Busy with developing my new project, researching and creating work. Also, starting to plan ways to showcase my photographs that I create outside of my personal projects. All my social media are currently my project based work which is the main thing I focus on, yet I've recently decided I need to showcase my other photography along side this.

Joan // Unveil'd Feature

4 February 2019

Work from my series 'Joan' featured over on Unveil'd site and their instagram page!
Daniella Gott . Feature

(Definitely check out the other work whilst over there as they feature a lot of interesting work)