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Interim Exhibition // 2

8 December 2017
Almost 2 months from the first interim exhibition, we had our second exhibition. For this one, we could select more than one image if we wanted and also had to write a statement that would go alongside the work on display unlike last time when it was just one singular image.

I decided to put up a combination of archival images and my own images. My own images were printed bigger at A3 on semi matte and the archival at about A5 and on silk paper. For the layout, I experimented with different layouts on a table first before finally deciding on one and working out the measurements in between to ensure they are spaced out equally. Below is the final display I had helped pin up for the interim.

Again, like my previous interim, I got some useful feedback from my tutors that I can then use to develop my project even further this term and the next. 

Project Statement:

Combining the past and present within this project, I have started to explore my Grandmothers life. Through photographing, links are starting to appear between the objects in her home, the places in the village where she has lived her whole life and the images within her albums.