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Impressions Gallery // Exhibition Installation (2)

26 September 2019

Installing: Christopher Nunn - Borderland: Stories from Donbas

Back at impressions volunteering with the set up of the next exhibition. This time I was able to spend 4 days in the week at the gallery so was able to experience various stages of changing the exhibition.

Day 1
Monday / This was the first day of the installation week. This is a day where we take the work from the previous exhibition down. Once we had taken an image down, we then had to fill in the condition report on any visible damage if we found any. After this we then carried on with wrapping the work up so that it could be stored safely.

Day 2
Wednesday / This day started off with finishing the remainder of the painting from the day before. Once this was complete then we was able to tidy up and start unwrapping the new work. We unwrapped all the work and laid it out around the gallery ready for the curator and artist to come in to curate the exhibition tomorrow.

Day 3
Thursday / This was a really interesting day and one that I didn't get to experience at the last installation. With all the work laid out around the gallery, today was time for the show to be curated. Christopher Nunn and Anne (Curator at Impressions) came in the gallery, along with us and started to put the show together. This involved a lot of moving the work around until we had a layout that was working. This was a valuable experience in being able to see how a show is curated and all the different elements that have to be considered to make the show a success to the viewers.

Day 4
Friday / Now the show has been curated, this was the day in which it needed hanging. Dom was in to do this and I assisted him. This was useful in which Dom had talked me through how he hangs the work and the different tips he uses along the way.