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Forget Me Not Project // New Focus at Impressions Gallery

18 March 2020

As part of the group New Focus at Impressions Gallery, This allowed me to be part of a new project with them called Forget Me Not. This was inspired by the recent Arpita Shah 'Nalini' exhibition which explored her family history. This inspired us to explore our family histories that we would then curate together to go alongside the exhibition at the gallery. It was also going to be showcased on the big screen in City Park.

After we had all found an image and object that reflected our family in some way, we then had a day booked to spend in the photography studio at Bradford College. This allowed us to photograph our chosen object, photo and also a portrait of us alongside these stories.

Below are my own photos that was taken as part of the project:

Due to Covid-19 and the national lockdown the launch was unfortunately cancelled. However, we launched the video online over on impressions gallery site. We also was able to do a twitter Q and A.

 The video can be viewed here.

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