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Impressions Gallery // Exhibition Installation (3)

12 January 2020

Installing... Arpita Shah - Nalini

This week saw the take down of Christopher Nunns Work and the installation of the new exhibition by Arpita Shah. Like last time, I volunteered 4/5 days of the exhibition week. Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri and was able to experience the different stages of the installation.

Monday / This was a day of taking work down. We took down Christopher Nunn's work, quality checked them and them wrapped them up ready for them to be stored. This was relatively easy to wrap as the work was in extremely light frames and all the same size. Nevertheless there was a lot and it was also unprotected (no glass) so we had to wrap them together and place tissue paper and foam between each print to ensure they were protected.

Wednesday / This day started with finishing off the painting in the gallery. One wall needed to be painted a light blue and there were plinths that were needed again so these also needed repainting. We also needed to dismantle previous plinths that were no longer needed and build up a table and bench set for the reading corner within the gallery.

Thursday /  Today, we started to unwrap the work. This is a part of the week, I find the most exciting. Especially as I didn't know what to expect. I had seen one image from the exhibition and read the description on the impressions gallery website but a part from this I had no idea about the project. From unwrapping the work, there were a variety of different images. Many of them was large scale frames which we unwrapped and placed carefully around the gallery. Towards the end of the day Angela and Anne came in and curated the show which again is a part of the installation week I find the most valuable.

Friday /  Today, the work began to be hung on the wall. As this was a touring exhibition, some of the plinths had be transported and needed repainting again so I did this. Arpita also had a large scale Taj Mahal on one of the walls which again, was an interesting addition to the gallery space and to the project itself.

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