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Adrian Davies // Talk

9 February 2018

Adrian Davies came in to talk to us this week. As well as doing his own practice within photography, he is also interested in the photo book. His work has been exhibited and published in numerous locations, as well as gaining experience he has also been a Lecturer at Leeds.

Throughout his talk, he spoke about his own practice. From photographs, to using google maps to produce a project. He said his love of the photo book correlates with his love of photography and both of them go hand in hand with each other. His google project consisted of travelling virtually to different ikea shops placed in different parts of the world.

(at first, he considered whether using google could be classed as photography, however, he said that if he were there, he would take the same picture as he captured virtually so there is little difference other than the object you are using. Also Google maps is constantly updating and changing so it's still the user that constructs the image)

This were a really interesting project that he is currently still working on. Through looking at the same shop but in different parts of the world its starts to become unclear where the shops actually are due to there very similar exterior. He did also progress onto going into ikea and photographing various aspects also, so it was a mixture of the google imagery and photographs. This is still a project he is currently working on.

This reminded me of a project I worked on in my first year, where did a similar thing. I used Google street view for the project and visited Mcdonald's and Hard Rock Cafes around the world which is a similar concept. Maybe one day, I might revisit this project and see how it may develop now.

This talk was an interesting insight into his own work and processes and the development of the projects he has worked on. Below I'm going to list a few points I've taken away from the talk:

''Use your intuition - respond to things you feel like you need to. You may not know what or why your attracted to something but just photograph it''

''Embrace accidents, and also embracing bad techniques can sometimes work in your favour''

''Keep shooting even if you have no place for it''

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