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Rachel Brown // Work Review

23 February 2018
This friday we had a group tutorial with Rachel Brown. Rachel is an artist and is currently working on a solo show. As well as being the photography director of Harpers Bazaar and Town & Country.

This was the first time I had met Rachel as I didn't make it to her last review so I took recent work, and also a few from Term 1 so she could see my project from the various approaches I have done throughout both Terms so far.

As it was a group tutorial, it was also interesting listening to the feedback she gave on others work as well as my own, and overall was just interesting to sit with and listen.

She gave me some great advice on the strengths of my project and what is working, and also areas to develop and experiment with, which I'm sure to take note of and follow in the next coming weeks.

The talk also got me thinking of the final exhibition and what images I include and different ways in how they can be displayed. An example she gave was to display them in old style frames, following this was advice to visit the 2nd hand outdoor market thats on a Thursday in Huddersfield. So this is on my places to visit when I get the chance to have a look and see what I can find. Even if not for my project, it may just be an interesting place to visit and see what's there.

Also suggested was displaying them in an album which I will take into consideration also, as I also would like to create a photo book to go alongside this project. Also looking at the images, she also spoke of how comfortable my Grandma seemed to be with me photographing her and this coming through the imagery. This is an interesting point as if anyone else were to take photographs of my Grandma she would hate it and most likely wouldn't allow it, so therefore, with me having the advantage and relationship with her to be able to take such photos, is more motivation to do it. 

She also picked up a few themes that was coming through the work so far:

  • Looking at ageing through relatives
  • Use of an existing archive
  • Creation of my own archive of my Grandmother that can be kept in years to come

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