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Careers Meeting // 1

21 March 2018
Today was my first Careers Meeting. Although meeting with the career staff a few times throughout my course, I had never booked an appointment for a meeting, as I am unsure what to do after graduation which is coming up quickly, I decided it would be a useful place to start for information and next steps. I was aware I could get a job or apply for a masters but wanted to know each of the different paths I can take before I decided on one.

I booked in with Laura who was super helpful as I really turned up with very little ideas on what I wanted to do. She had a general chat to see what I was interested in and how the meeting could help and then she talked me through 2 steps to follow as a starting point and gave me activities to explore these steps.

1. Self awareness -
This is about me and the skills I have developed over the past few years of doing various things. In order for me to explore this, I have a table to fill out that states the Project/Activity, the Skills developed, and examples of where these skills have been used.

2. Opportunity Awareness -
This is the various opportunities that are available. This were a step where I was unsure on where to start looking so Laura showed me Prospects (which I have used before but hadn't visited it in a while) to start researching a little bit into the types of jobs that are available out there related to photography. She also gave me another table to fill out with Jobs/Pros/Cons/Next Steps which can hopefully help lead me into looking at the next steps.

I am going to do a little bit of research and fill out the 2 seperate areas and then I will book another appointment with Laura to discuss things further.

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