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Book Launch // Tom Duffield

9 November 2017
This was a free day in terms of the creative week at University, so a small group of us decided to go to the launch of Thomas Duffield's new book 'The Whole House is Shaking'. It was held at Village Books in Leeds. I've heard of this book store through social media before but had never visited until today. Photo books is something I got more interested in last year when creating my own, and as I started to engage a lot more with photography in my second year, I have definitely developed an appreciation to the time, effort and detail that is required to produce one. The shop was full with the launch so I didn't get a chance to have a good look around but it's definitely a place I want to revisit, spend time in and maybe make a few purchases whilst I'm there... 
The simplicity of the photographs yet the complexity of the book is what draws me into it. Each photograph compliments the next and the edit of the book works so beautifully to the narrative portrayed. The use of pages from his sisters school books as small inserts in between the pages are a vital part of the book, and works so well against the photographs included and towards the narrative for the viewer. Overall, an amazing book from the photographs to the physical book and one that I just couldn't leave without buying.   

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