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Frede Spence // TWENTY TWENTY Agency

8 November 2017
On Wednesday, we had a talk from Frede Spencer who runs the photo agency Twenty Twenty representing commercial and editorial work. He is also the co-founder of Photo Meet. He went through each of the artists who are represented by the agency and some of the work they each do which was very varied but each had a unique twist on the visual language they used to create the work. 
One he did mention was a Vespa advert created by Will Sanders in which he ''does what he has to do and then shoots for himself and his own portfolio'' which I thought was an interesting way of working, and a great way in order to deliver what a client wants but also work in your own creative way for yourself.  
A theme that run throughout majority of the photographers at the agency have skills in more than one creative field. Often the photographers can also produce moving images as well for example and he mentioned this is something that is looked for within the industry today. Therefore it's a good idea to aim to learn wider skills than just photography. He also spoke of networking and being open and approachable is a great way to be as a photographer. 

Another interesting aspect of Frede's talk was when he spoke about becoming an agent. He started by doing photography himself and assisting someone. After doing this, he realised he didn't want to do it but still wanted to work with photography. This is when he decided to open Twenty Twenty in order to be able to still work within the industry without being a photographer. This made me realise there are other opportunities in order to be able to work with photography and creative people without just being a photographer which I found an interesting aspect to be able to look into.

Other aspects he spoke about was Self Promotion, the importance of social media, what to do in order to get yourself out there, what he looks for which was helpful to know what you can do to make yourself stand out and the different jobs you can look into within the creative industry. 

The second section of the talk was Photo Meet, what it is and the experience of a weekend there. Talks with artists are put on over the 2 days also, but along with this it's generally a great place to hang out and get involved within the community. He spoke of how valuable the experience of photo meet can be and the different doors it can open from just attending. Portfolio reviews are just one of the benefits you can attend at the meet up, reviews are from industry professionals who you can book with from all different job roles (magazine editors, curators etc). At the end he also gave us specific information on Portfolio Reviews on what to do, how to put your portfolio together and what is looked for within them which was interesting to know.  

Lastly, two great pieces of information he gave to us that stood out to me in particular is to ''not worry about making a wrong move, just make it' and also to ''Be yourself and Be into it''  and see what happens from there.  

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