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Multifaceted Practitioner // Pablo Antoli Talk

7 November 2017
As part of the Creative Exchange week we had a series of guest lectures which were all very interesting and covered a wide range of approaches and skills. Pablo Antoli was the first talk I attended in the week, he covered his career so far and the different types of work he is doing which is both personal and commercial. He spoke about how he uses commercial work in order to make money alongside doing documentary projects which he wishes to do.  He spoke about how his commercial work and the project and theory work seem disconnected to each other and is figuring out a way in which all his work may fit together. This was interesting as often as creatives we may find ourselves working on more than one project at one time, but this doesn't necessarily mean they have to be completely separate. 
The importance of assisting photographers and what this can achieve was something he also spoke about. Assisting can change your own workflow and in turn can change the outcome of your own work. This allows you to be exercising your own skills and at the same time developing more skills which is valuable to your own practice. He also said 'Find work through work' which was followed by how assisting photographers can also be a good way to network and it may open up other opportunities from there. Word of mouth between photographers can be a powerful tool in order to keep going but you've got to start. Which is another point he emphasised, to send the emails asking if a photographer needs an assistant is a great way to start.
In terms of his work he showed on the day, it was a mix of different work. From his commercial to his personal work which visually were very different. His personal work was documenting his travels, some were sculptural objects using layered and folded imagery which was an interesting way of working compared to other approaches, and he also spoke about his interest with how the photographic object behaves physically and its ability to produce truth and narrative which is something I feel like I'm interesting in within my own practice.    

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