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BERLIN // Galleries

21 January 2018

The first exhibition we went to view was the Joel Meyerowitz 'Why Colour? Retrospective' and it's got to be one of my favourite exhibitions I have been to. The work was beautiful and was the type of work that as a viewer, I could of spent all day in there looking around at more than once. They were presented simply in frames against a black wall, yet every photograph was amazing in their own way. Below, are a couple of examples and two pieces which in particular caught my eye.
The display on the left I thought works really well. As you first walked into the exihibition, this was on the far wall facing you and the large print works with the distance you get when you first walk in, but also works well when you get closer to it. Also, the first image in the row of frames were the same image as the large one, which I think is a nice way to lead the viewer into this sequence of work. The print on the right caught my eye because of the colour, this had been a re worked print (the original were framed on the right) and although each are equally amazing, the colour on the large print really caught my eye as a viewer. I also think the size of this makes an impact and places you as the viewer into the scene a lot more than if it were smaller which I think is interesting experience when viewing work in this way. 

Museum fur Fotografie
The other exhibition we went to were the Helmut Newton collection in which we weren't allowed to take photographs and we also went upstairs in the museum to view work on display by Guy Bourdin. This is work I've been familiar with since my first year so it was interesting to see them in print and displayed. In terms of display, majority of these were kept simple and similar sizes, however there were a few in between which were smaller which I found interesting as you had to stand closer to the print to see the detail, and I also took photos of these for future reference and inspiration when displaying my own work.

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