20 January 2018
From the 15th to 17th, a group of us went on a trip to Berlin for 3 days. In the 3 days, we visited galleries and landmarks and overall, had a great time. 

Day 1:
We got straight there, arrived at the hotel and went straight back out. We walked around to take in the sites and general environment of Berlin. Along the way we visited the Reichstag Building, the Brandenburg Gate, walked through the park, and to the Memorial of the murdered jews of Europe. This was something we said we would visit before we got there and after seeing images of this, I was interested to see it. Yet, images just doesn't translate the feeling you get whilst walking around this memorial. The memorial is one you have to experience yourself in order to understand how much impact it makes. 

After food, we walked to the Berlin Wall, which had some amazing artwork from one end to the other. Before returning to the room, we visited Pro QM book shop on the way back. We browsed in here for a good time, and despite being super tired by this point I tried to have a look at a variety of various things, from zines and magazines, to photo books. 

Day 2: 
We experienced the trams and tubes in Berlin and we headed to C/O Berlin Gallery. I actually spent a lot of time in the book shop at the gallery, and really had a look at the photo books that were available here. I noted a few artists down that I liked the look of for future references and also picked myself up a set of Tom Wood books - Men and Women.

Here, we saw the Joel Meyerowitz 'Why Color? Retrospective' exhibition and I can say it's one of the best ones I've been to. After this gallery we headed over to Museum Fur Fotografie. Here, we viewed the Helmut Newton collection and work from Guy Bourdin. There were a range of different work in this gallery and some interesting ways to present and display work also that I can consider when displaying my own. 

(I'm going to place the images and my thoughts on the exhibitions in a separate post you can read here - Berlin // Galleries )  

Day 3: 
This day was limited as we had to get to the airport and return home. However, we still had some time to explore and was free to do anything we decided. A group of us decided to go a visit Checkpoint Charlie and then walk over and visit the Jewish Museum.  


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