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Danny Treacy // Talk

19 January 2018

This week we had Danny Treacy come into Uni to talk about his own work and then some group tutorials afterwards. This was an interesting insight into his own practice, talking about some of his early work and how this developed into his currently body of work.

From him talking through the processes he has gone through to get to where his work is currently at was informative as a viewer and showed him consistently reviewing his work throughout shooting to see what was working, what needed changing, and importantly what it was that he was interested in and wanted to explore further through photography.

He had worked on location and in the studio. However, his current work is shot with plain black backgrounds as he felt the environments were too much for what he was aiming to photograph, which were clothes he had found and worn within the photo. The found clothing spoke about the environment enough without taking the photograph there.

Also, from constantly reviewing his work, themes started to occur through taking the photographs, which he could then formulate ideas from and helped with the development of the project. One thing he discovered, were the items of clothing reflected the environment which they were found, an interest in looking at possessions, and morphing the sense of time within his work.

Near the end of the talk, he mentioned a little bit of the research and things he does that informs his work. He spoke of Research in a more broader term, for example walking round and finding objects is part of research that he does thats useful to his practice. He combines materials and photographs them to keep for research and not only photographing for a finished piece. The ambiguity of the objects works for him, in the sense not knowing is what makes the clothing and found objects interesting.

View Danny's Work Here.
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