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Creating a Website

15 April 2018

The idea of creating a website has been with me for a while now, but I've never really known where to start and also wasn't fully happy with the work I was creating.

Finishing second year I had created a few series of work that I was really happy with and knew would sit nicely on a website. Going through third year has also created my Final Major Project which again would take up space on my own website.

I start using Instagram at the start of my third year, setting up a page specifically for my photography. After using this for a while, as good as it is, as my work is project based, it was becoming hard to upload photos together, often resulting in me not uploading anything. Also instagram isn't designed for photographs to be viewed as series and I found it to be limiting in the various ways I wanted to present my work but couldn't due to its grid format.

This is when I decided I needed a photography site to display my work and allow the audience to see my work more easily and how I want to present it and also it could be used as a portfolio in the future for jobs, reviews or even competitions.

I discovered I already had access to Adobe Portfolio as I had the photography package. After picking a template and spending a good few hours adjusting various elements so that it was how I wanted it, I got a final product I was happy with. Then I spent another few hours, planning and creating pages for each project I want to show. I started with 4 projects so far from my second and final year, but I have a few more to add in the future.

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