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Sequencing and Dummy Book no2

5 April 2018

Thinking about my final display for the Graduate Exhibition, A book accompanying my work on the wall would work well in showing a bigger picture. My project had various different areas that all link, yet this can not be shown on a wall so a book is a perfect way to include the various elements.

With this in mind, I began to spend time with my images I had printed and started experimenting with sequencing. Throughout, I also sketched out a rough plan for the book that I can then produce and print to see how well it works when looking through it as I normally would.

I created my first dummy book just on the computer, so having the physical prints were a slightly different method than previously but it was useful being able to move, add and take away different photographs easily to see what worked and what didn't.
I started by collecting up all the prints I had from various shoots over the year and sorting them into categories of the different shoots. I then narrowed some piles down further so I could see the different areas I had photographed. This helped as I then could locate specific photos easily when sequencing them in the images below. I also used plain A4 paper as the separate pages of the 'book', that I could then move the images about on.   I kept some of the images from the first dummy book the same, however, I also took into consideration the feedback from my interim and from the Alumni. From the feedback. I have added in some images that seemed to be missing from my first dummy book.

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